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Audiences Delivered

Strategic media planning and buying

Welcome to A-Squared Media

Where We Focus on Your Audience

A-Squared Media is a woman-owned, strategic media planning and buying agency with offices in Dallas and San Diego.

Sounds obvious, yet sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked. Your audience offers the key insights to developing effective, results-driven, strategic communication programs for you — our clients.

The way our society consumes information is constantly changing with the new world of digital media, two-way conversations and social sharing. At A-Squared Media, our response to the ever-changing marketing landscape is to continue to evolve, learn and develop our strategic communication toolkit while staying focused and never forgetting the core, fundamental principles of communications success…

Combine traditional (old-school) media with new (digital) media solutions…

and you get campaigns that deliver audiences, evoke change and leave lasting impressions.

We get excited about the challenge and we are dedicated to long-term strategic partnerships with our clients and their audiences.

People, Relationships & Results

Started in 2012, A-Squared Media specializes in strategic digital and traditional media planning and buying.

We plan and place all forms of digital media, and all traditional media including print, broadcast, out-of-home, and radio.

We succeed because we specialize in strategically planning and buying your media, so you can focus on your core business expertise.