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Our Services

At A-Squared Media we specialize in all kinds of media. We are experienced in planning consumer campaigns as well as business-to-business campaigns in a wide variety of industries.  We plan national campaigns and local campaigns all the way down to the tiny neighborhood level.  And we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box of your typical media that everyone uses (i.e. tv, radio and print).  We are just interested in finding the right mix of media to reach your audience and deliver them to your doorstep (or website, etc).

When we work with a client to plan a media buy for them, we dive deep into it to put together a comprehensive plan that will give them the best results.  Sometimes that means coordinating complicated radio promotions with giveaways and DJ endorsements.  Sometimes that means working with a local publication to do a cover story and article about our client in an upcoming issue as part of our ad buy. Below is a list of some of the channels that we work with on behalf of our clients to place media buys.  This list is by no means comprehensive and is always growing.

Powering brands with national, local and hyper-local marketing and media campaign planning, negotiation, buying and metrics.

  • National and Local market
  • B2C and B2B
  • Consumer magazines
  • Trade magazines
  • Local Newspaper
  • High Impact Online Campaigns
  • Movie Theater Advertising
  • Outdoor
  • Radio
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • TV (Cable & Broadcast)
  • Digital Pre-Roll
  • Targeted Banner Ad Campaigns
  • Connected TV
  • Bus Wraps
  • Gas Station Advertising
  • Grocery Store Advertising

We also have the ability to help you out with SEO, Pay-Per-Click and Social Media management.

A-Squared Media partners with you to determine the best ways to reach prospects and deliver your objectives at the lowest possible cost.