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Our Process

We consider media planning and buying a business of relationships…relationships with our clients, relationships with our media partners, and–most importantly–relationships between your brand and your target audience.

We approach every step of the process putting the relationships first and that is how we deliver the most enduring and impactful results.  You may be thinking, “But you’re a media company…shouldn’t you be entirely focused on the numbers?”  We don’t think so.  We approach every media buy from the perspective of establishing a strong, long-lasting relationship between the brand and its target audience, and then work backward from there.

Relationship between the Brand and Its Audience

To develop our strategy around building a rock-solid relationship between your brand and your target audience, we examine your brand and what it has to offer your customers and prospects. Now we dig deep: Where does your target audience live? How old are they? Are they married? Do they have children? What do they do for a living? What are their interests? What do they read? What music do they listen to? What do they watch? What do they value? You get the idea. We then use all of this information to determine the best ways to reach them with your message.

Relationship with our Media Partners

We are in the business of planning and buying media, so yes–we are the customer in this relationship, the one doing the buying.  Despite that, we consider media vendors to be partners, not opponents to be beaten. Our planners and buyers cultivate positive, long-lasting relationships with media vendors rather than viewing them as resources to be used and abused.  This philosophy has resulted in some robust relationships that we leverage to deliver the strongest media buys at the lowest rates with the most added-value to our clients–all without abusing our sales reps or being generally unpleasant (because life is just too short for unpleasant people).

Relationship with Our Clients

Above all, we pride ourselves on our close and enduring relationships with our clients.  These dynamic relationships are testaments to our ability to deliver excellent service and exceptional results.  When you work with A-Squared Media, you find we work very closely to understand your goals, needs and limitations. We then do everything in our power to exceed expectations on every front…because when our efforts make you look good, we all win.

So reach out today!